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Holistic Psychiatry Clinic in Houston

Are you looking for board-certified psychiatrists in Houston?

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Dr. Dharmendra Kumar MD is a dedicated,  board-certified psychiatrist providing comprehensive evidence-based care to patients with various issues related to mental health.

Dr. Reena Kumar, MD is a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist. She follows a biopsychosocial approach to treat her patients and always makes families an integral part of the treatment team. With her experience in therapy and mindfulness meditation, she connects very easily with patients and their families.

Greater Heights Holistic Psychiatry in Houston was founded by Dr. Dharmendra Kumar MD, who has over a decade of training and experience from some of the top psychiatric institutions in the country. As a testament to our services, Greater Heights Holistic Psychiatry has been voted the best, most recommended #1 Psychiatric Clinic in Houston.

At our clinic, we provide a calm and comfortable environment for emotional healing and rejuvenation. Reach out to us for immediate evaluation, treatment, and empathetic counseling. Our services are at affordable rates and easily accessible to patients across the city of Houston

What is Holistic Psychiatry?

“Holistic Psychiatry” is much about the way of life, which embraces an approach that promotes a person’s overall wellness as a whole being.

At Greater Heights Holistic Psychiatry, we strongly believe that mental health symptoms arise from the complex interaction of several implicit and explicit factors of an individual and their environment. A thorough evaluation of all the contributing factors is essential to achieve optimal health.

Our vision is to address the mind, body, and soul to achieve complete remission of symptoms. We don’t believe that “one size fits all” and try to formulate individual treatment plans based on patients’ needs. Our treatment approach is to create a comprehensive treatment plan, including an adequate balance of modern medicine, psychotherapy, social support, and lifestyle modification.

How Can We Assist You ?

Heal Your Mind With Us

Medication Management

Lifestyle Counseling

Dietary Education

How Can We Assist You ?

Deal Your Mental Health With Us

Counseling Services

At Greater Heights Holistic Psychiatry, Dr Kumar strongly acknowledges the importance of counseling and psychotherapy in achieving the complete and sustained remission of mental health illness. 

Depression Psychiatrist

Depression is not a choice, it is a common mental health problem that causes people to experience low mood, loss of interest or pleasure, Dr. Kumar explains, What is depression? What is the cause of Depression? and how Depression can be managed. 

Nutritional Service

There is multiple research to suggest that what we eat affects not only our physical health but also our mental health. At Greater Heights Holistic Psychiatry, Dr. Kumar is a strong advocate of the importance of proper and balanced diet for a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Lifestyle Counseling

In Greater Heights Holistic Psychiatry, we recognized the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices in promoting a healthy mind and body. Healthy lifestyle helps in relieving and preventing mental health symptoms. 

What Our Clients Say

Dr. Kumar started me on a very low level of anti anxiety and worked me up. A previous psychiatrist started me on a very high dose, leading to very troubling side effects. Dr. Kumar also educates you on other avenues to improve your mental health such as diet, therapy, and other lifestyle factors. I am very happy with his care.
Ana Rangel
Ana Rangel
Amazing work is being done at this practice with love and care!
Cynthia Ajuzie
Cynthia Ajuzie
Dr. Kumar is a great doctor! Immediately realized my previous psychiatrist was prescribing a nausea medication that was bad to take along with my mood stabilizer. Also adjusted other medications and began developing a plan to get better. Not just medication, talks to you for a lengthy conversation to find other things that help with depression and anxiety. I’m so glad he’s my doctor now. Highly recommend.
Ronald Rincon
Ronald Rincon
I have been working with Dr. Kumar for a few weeks now and I can already tell how much he genuinely cares about his patients and their happiness. I would highly recommend him!
Makenzie Goodwine
Makenzie Goodwine
Started off seeing Mrs.Kumar but recently I've been seeing Mr.Kumar. Both are great doctors. Mr.Kumar is very personable and can be humorous so appointments are always positive and interesting
Dav V
Dav V
Dr. Kumar is very friendly, patient and answers any questions you have. He really takes the stigma away from mental health with his humor.
Jennifer Gilbert
Jennifer Gilbert

The Most Common Questions

Depression is a common but serious medical issue that negatively affects how you think, act, and react. Depression can cause sadness and a lack of interest in any kind of activity. However, depression is curable.
Our emotions and mental attitudes are important aspects of our health. Lifestyle counseling with naturopathic therapies can bring assistance to people suffering from anxiety, relationship problems, fatigue, etc.
When you have a panic attack some symptoms include nausea, irregular heartbeats, shaking of the body, excess sweating, dizziness, and dryness in the mouth. In some cases, you can get unconscious.
Anxiety is the feeling of worry and nervousness. It is an emotion characterized by an unpleasant state of inner turmoil. It occurs when a person is faced with a challenging situation.

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