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Genetic Testing

What Is Pharmacovigilance, and Why Is It So Important to Patients’ Health?

Pharmacovigilance is a process aimed at minimizing the risks arising from certain medicines. Pharmacovigilance aims to detect, assess, understand and prevent adverse effects of any drugs, be it drugs or vaccines. It continues because safety data is collected and reviewed throughout the life cycle of the drug while it is on the market. Clinical trials have their limitations: The study population is limited, their duration is short, and they do not reflect experience with chronic or ongoing use.

Importance To Patients’ Health

Pharmacovigilance keeps health professionals up-to-date with the latest data on the risk and benefits of a drug, including drug-related problems that come with taking the normal prescription dose, accidental overdose, abuse situations, or withdrawal.

What Is Genetic Testing for Mental Health Medications?

Your genetic makeup can affect how you respond to certain medications. This experience is common in mental health treatment. It can also affect whether you experience negative side effects or adverse drug reactions. Using genetic testing for mental health medications, clinicians can narrow down which medications are more or less likely to work for you, and at what dosage. This can reduce the amount of trial and error that often occurs in conventional treatment.